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Lawyer Career Changer Profile

David Coldrick

Starting a business

Legal Career

Wrigleys Solicitors LLP, Solicitor, Private Client, South Yorkshire

New Career(s)

Starting a business

Career Change Story


After a nice long break in the UK and New Zealand I opened the Rotherham branch of Home Instead Senior Care along with my wife early last year. Having thoroughly enjoyed myself for 25 years in the law - man and boy - latterly helping to build a successful niche law firm - I found that, for no single reason and despite having a great team, I simply did not want to stay in the law for another 20 years. It was time to move on into another sector, one which I already had a strong affinity towards and where I feel there is a real difference to be made by professional people.

Career Change Reflections

Once you have decided to make the move and get on with it I doubt you will ever want to go back!

Contact Details

Location: Home Instead Senior Care (Rotherham)
Tel: 01709 837170

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