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Leaving Law is the first port-of-call resource for lawyers in the United Kingdom looking for a change in direction.

It can be a big decision to leave legal private practice. Any number of factors can make a lawyer feel beholden, from money and security, to identity, kudos, or the expectations of others. It can be difficult to see a viable alternative, or merely find the time for necessary research.

Where to start? This site provides ideas, inspiration, impetus and guidance.

Leaving Law is an ever-evolving catalogue of other occupations into which lawyers have gone, with a comprehensive feature on alternatives within legal practice.

You can also read the experiences of those who have already made the move away from private practice and, in many cases, away from law altogether.

Check out the stories of lawyers who have made a career change, from small pivots along alternative paths within the profession to large-scale career changes outside of the law.

There is a multitude of alternative careers you could pursue as a lawyer. We have created career profiles for some of the most popular alternative career paths both within the profession and outside of it.

Making a career change is not easy and many lawyers don't make the leap because of this. Career coaching can give you the support and guidance you need to identify your change and make it happen.

"The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul"

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