Alternative Careers for Lawyers

United Nations

The United Nations (UN) offers a wide variety of work for lawyers in many different countries. This can include legal advisors for the UN in Geneva or New York; advising governments on judicial reform; training and advising judiciaries on legal issues, long-term education and legislative reform; advising on the implementation of legal aid structures; working in conflict environments; courtroom prosecutions of human rights violations etc.

The UN Human Resources website (see below) lists international job vacancies under 'occupational groups' - 'legal affairs'. Applications can be submitted online. Salaries for professional staff are set by reference to the highest-paying national civil service - that being the USA.

United Nations Human Resources
Second Avenue
New York
N.Y. 10017
Tel:  +1 212 745-9200
Fax:  +1 212 745 9316

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