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Welsh Assembly Government

The Welsh Assembly Government administers functions devolved to it including the development and implementation of policy, passing subordinate legislation (eg regulations and statutory guidance) and proposing Assembly Measures (Welsh laws).

The Legal Services Department based in Cardiff employs lawyers comprising teams which advise the different departments of the Assembly Government, providing advisory and legislative drafting services. E.g. there is the public law team, the commercial legal services team, services in the areas of health and food safety, social care, local government, education, culture and the Welsh language, agriculture and constitutional law.

The Welsh Legislative Counsel is responsible for drafting the Assembly Government's legislative programme, including new Assembly Measures.

Welsh Assembly Government
Recruitment Team
3rd Floor, CP2, East Core,
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ
Tel:  029 2082 5454
Fax:  029 2082 5715

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